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Mixing oal suspnsion: Tap bottl until all powd lows ly; add appoximatly on thid th total amount wat constitution and shak vigoously twt powd; add maind wat and shak vigoously again.

You may stliquid Amoxil in a igatbut dnot allow it tz. Thow away any liquid that is not usd within 14 days at it was mixd at th phamacy.

Whil using Amoxil, you may nd qunt blood tsts. You kidny and liv unction may alsnd tb chckd.

AHA guidlins commnd pophylaxis only in high-isk patints undgoing invasiv pocdus with histoy cadiac conditions that pdispos thm tinction.

Dnot administ tpatints in th absnc a povn suspctd bactial inction bcaus isk dvlopmnt dug-sistant bactia.

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